Willie Singletary, City Council At Large


Willie is running for City Council At-Large because it’s time for a drastic change. Our city is in great turmoil with the same old status quo business as usual crap! We may not be able to get rid of trump right now but we sure can send people to city hall who care about the little guy like you and I. 
Willie plans on being a strong advocate in council for the small businesses that are being shut out by the handful of big corporations and unions, increase the city minimum wage, work together with the community to create a safe neighborhood - one with community policing that will help get guns off our streets, put an end to the school to prison pipeline and mass incarceration, by finding and securing education funds to get vocations back into our schools, so we can have a more skilled workforce.
The district needs a candidate that understands public needs without sacrificing progress already made. How does your vote count for Willie Singletary? It shows you share the same public interest of helping others succeed in viable ways that make a difference today and for the future.
Community members will get the encouragement and support they need by ensuring current educational and career programs have the necessary resources needed to sustain and promote community growth. Your vote shows you want equal opportunities for all including second-chance opportunities to that can help turn communities around for the better. To ensure your voice is heard on the national level that will lead to local changes you want to see happen, vote for Willie Singletary for City Council.


  • Standing Up For Our Constitutional Rights
  • Strong Advocate For Small Businesses
  • City Council Extended Job Time
  • Raise Minimum Wage Salary
  • Job Growth

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